Metrics are the lifeblood of a solid management team.   Metrics are meaningful...   but WHAT you are measuring will make the difference.

Business Contributor:
IT must be a business contributor.  Is your IT team on-track and in sync with your corporate objectives?  Is the solution outlined being applied on your projects?

Solutions Oriented...
We apply project management best practices to the hiring process.

To move forward in our solution offering, we must have your involvement and commissioning of the project for the initiation phase to start.  You are the stake holder and we are here to understand and clearly define your requirements and the business project charter.

Upon conclusion of the initiation phase, our team turns the attention to planning. We define the characteristics of the individual that is required for the project.  What are the attributes, where can they be sourced from?  What leveraging methods can we utilize to bring the solution to you, our client?  A solid communication plan is established between our organizations, building a partnership relationship.   

Project is executed with the search clearly outlined and objectives stated and understood by both organizations.  Leveraging our network of resources, potential solutions database and references are leveraged.

Control is applied by referential integrity.  Project scope is checked with you, our partner.  Recommendations and references are leveraged, prior to recommendation to you, our customer.  Progress is reviewed at strategic points.

Upon successful completion of this process, you will have a solution that meets your needs.  This project and process is reviewed for lessons learned so that we can confirm that the project charter has been addressed.